TERMS AND CONDITIONS — We would hereby like to familiarise you with the general terms and conditions of Ritztrade International, Cape Town. Our South Africa travel agency acts as an agent in all matters relating to air travel by helicopter. We will in general assume no liability for any damage, loss, theft, injury, death, unexpected delays or irregularities arising during helicopter sightseeing flights or arising for any other reason, or by actions of persons/agency responsible for carrying out the flight.

Terms and Conditions — Cape Town Helicopter Flights South Africa

Terms and conditions Helicopters Flights 

Ritztrade International reserves the right to change travel plans and timetables without prior notification and implement variations or changes in helicopter routes or travel plans etc. without liability whatsoever. Strong winds or no-fly zones could lead to a change in flight route.

Wildlife viewings
Many helicopter tours include the observation of land as well as aquatic wildlife. We can never at any point guarantee wildlife sightings. You should also be made aware that penguins or dolphins appear very small from an altitude of 300 metres.
Ritztrade International assumes no responsibility for any luggage, clothing or photography equipment.
- Baggage is limited to 2 kg per person for scenic flights.
You should check in with us about 24 hours before the flight to ensure weather conditions are ideal for flying.
With regards to airport transfers by helicopter, Ritztrade International is obliged to provide information concerning flight cancellations, delays and other problems that cause a delayed arrival at the international airport.
As indicated in the flight program, travel expenses and prices quoted do not include entrance fees to game reserves. All additional costs are for the passenger’s account. The Ritztrade International contract or booking confirmation is binding.
Flying over National Parks
We are not permitted to fly over national parks. This includes the Table Mountain National Park as well game reserves. Even when whale watching, we are sure to keep our distance to ensure that the animals are not frightened and return to our shorelines the following year!
Payment terms
— Day flights — Credit card information or 100% payment compulsory
— For Safari tours a deposit of 50% of the total price is payable upon receipt of the booking confirmation.
— For fly-in safaris a 50% deposit for the Game Reserve is payable.
— For tours with overnight stays a deposit of 50% of the total price is payable upon receipt of the booking confirmation.
— The balance is due 21 days prior to departure.
Cancellation of day flights due to bad weather
Should a helicopter flight be cancelled due to poor weather conditions, we will be sure to provide you with an alternative flight time, possibly being scheduled for the very same day, as the weather in the Cape can change quickly. In the event that the weather does not improve, we will schedule your flight for the following day. Should this date not fit in with your travel plans, you will receive a 100% refund!
— All cancellations, notices of defects or complaints should be sent in writing by registered letter to Ritztrade International. Exceptions in this case will be emails where Ritztrade International accepts and confirms the cancellation
— Through the booking and confirmation of our documentation as well as deposit payment, the client accepts the terms and conditions of Ritztrade International.
Ritztrade International is entitled to convey amendments to the terms and conditions in the booking or order confirmation.
Should you have any queries whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact us via email
Your Cape Town Helicopter Team
Ulrike Leugering